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What a powerhouse pair!

Powerhouse Pair!

Simon & Bec sold our much loved house at auction in early November & for an excellent return. All house sales/moves are emotionally charged but we were selling in order to return to the UK after 18 years in Australia, so their support & confidence-inspiring management from start to finish was heart-warming. Always professional they still deal with you with empathy & understanding.

They are enthusiastic, committed, team-oriented & keen. They know their market & are constantly expanding their ‘home ground’ to include new suburbs in their already substantial portfolio. We talked to several agents before we signed up with Tanner & would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. The marketing campaign was faultless & despite the fact that we have bought & sold several times over our years here, we have yet to see a more beautiful brochure. Thank you for everything Mr & Mrs Tanner. We wish you continued success & happiness & many more Heart & Sold signs all over Adelaide!

Mary & Fergus January 14, 2019