The best walks around The City of Mitcham

The best walks around The City of Mitcham

Nestled in the inner suburbs of Adelaide’s south and entwined in the foothills and suburbia of the City of Mitcham is arguably some of the city’s best walking and hiking trails.

Whether it’s joining in on the Mitcham Village Heritage Walk, enjoying panoramic views at the top of Brownhill or taking your furry friend for a nature walk through Belair National Park, there’s plenty of variety to choose from, and the local council have set the bar high for their sustainability and purpose built trail development throughout the local area.

While the cooler weather brings some hesitation to adventure far from shelter, the views are often breathtaking, the plants and trees wild and picturesque, and you can’t help but feel a sense of relaxation far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Read our top picks below.

Belair National Park

The first national park to be dedicated in South Australia, Belair National Park is the ideal place for a walk or hike with an abundance of waterfalls, lakes and mountain biking trails, as well as tennis courts and picnic facilities. You’ll also find significant heritage attractions such as Old Government House and the State Flora Nursery.

No matter your fitness level, there’s a trail for everyone; long or short, easy or hard. If you’re looking for quite a significant walk, make sure you check out the Waterfall Hike (3 hours, 6.5km) which takes you through the Echo Tunnel and overlooks the lower and upper waterfalls. For something even more challenging, the Adventure Loop Trail (6.5 hours, 13km) will take you to all ends of the park, with some tricky and technical sections. Wearing appropriate footwear is essential for these two.

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Mitcham Village Heritage Trail

Starting at Mitcham Reverse, this approximately one hour, 2.5km walk heads to over thirty spots throughout the area, from the Old Mitcham Hotel and Edinburgh Cellars, to the Old Bakery and South Australia’s First Supermarket. Much of the history places itself in the 1800s after the area was colonised by European people.

To view the City of Mitcham’s brochure, click here.

Brownhill Creek Heritage Trail

This walk can be taken in two parts or taken as a single walk from Mitcham Reserve to the end of Brownhill Creek Road.

Part one of the walk is approximately one hour, 3km long which begins at Mitcham Reserve and ends at the Lions Club picnic area, with over nineteen sights along the way. Part two picks up at the Lion Reserve picnic area and heads along the Wirraparinga walking trail and along the side of Brownhill Creek Road before circling back to the Lions Club, or Mitcham Reserve. This ones longer, around 6.5km.

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Waite Conservation Reserve and Brownhill Creek Walk

This 9.5km circuit has some incredible views of the city and surrounding foothills, especially at the top of Brownhill and on the Yurrebilla Trail. The terrain is quite undulating with the duration around 3-4 hours. To shorten the hike, simply take the White Conversation Reserve Loop Walking Trail circuit (4.2km) or lengthen the trip to around 17.5km by taking the Yurrebilla Trail, through Belair National Park to Eagle on the Hill. You’ll some find breathtaking spots along the way for photographs, and possibly even sight some koalas and other native animals.

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While these are just a quick snapshot of what’s on offer around the City of Mitcham, you’ll find plenty more around the area to suit all fitness and difficulty levels. So time to put your walking shoes on and discover what’s right at your doorstep.

Photo: Steve Hudson – Weekend Notes